Lost Voices

Ep 24 – Jinan Younis talks about the Lost Voices report, recently published by the Social Change Agency, which looks at how and how well digital campaigning supports the voices of people with lived experience to be heard by decision makers and in public debates – and how it could be done better.


Ep 23 – Elena Blackmore from PIRC [publicinterest.org.uk] talks about framing and the ‘Framing Equality’ toolkit

Power and privilege

Ep 22 – Shilpa Shah talks about power and privilege More about Shilpa at Shilpa-shah.com

Making monitoring & evaluation as simple as possible (but not simpler)

Ep 21 Sarah Rose talks about developing an approach to monitoring, evaluation and learning across the advocacy and campaigning programme at Save the Children International, and the challenges in balancing the need for rigour and the importance of it being practical and useful.

Engagement Organizing

Ep 20 – Matt Price talks about his book Engagement Organizing, and organising approaches and strategies more generally

Riding The Waves

Ep 19 – Alice Sachrajda talks about the role of popular culture in catalysing social change

Level Up

Ep 18 – Sondhya Gupta talks about new feminist organisation Level Up – setting it up and its goals and strategy


Ep 17 – Michaela O’Brien and Anastasia Kavada who run the MA course in Media Campaigning and Social Change at the University of Westminster talk about power, and Steven Lukes’ concepts of visible, hidden and invisible power more about the course here: https://www.westminster.ac.uk/journalism-and-mass-communication-courses/2018-19/september/full-time/media-campaigning-and-social-change-ma?next-year=1  


Ep 16 – Sarah Corbett talks about craftivism and her new book ‘How to be a Craftivist: The Art of Gentle Protest’

Challenging immigration detention

Ep 15 – Eiri Ohtani from the Detention Forum talks about the campaign to challenge the UK’s approach to immigration detention, and the strategies and approaches the Detention Forum network has developed to tackle this difficult policy area.  

Doing Evaluation Differently

Ep 14 – Madeline Church talks about Saferworld’s approach to monitoring and evaluation influencing work, how (and why) a new approach was developed and implemented, and how it’s going   There’s more about this here: http://www.saferworld.org.uk/oldsite/resources/view-resource/1027-doing-things-differently-rethinking-monitoring-and-evaluation-to-understand-change

Creative Coalitions

Ep 13 – Nick Martlew from Crisis Action and author of the Creative Coalitions handbook, talks about principles and practice for effective coalition working

Analytic Activism

Ep 12 – Dave Karpf talks about his book, Analytic Activism, and how digital listening is being, and could be, used as a tool to support decision making

Directed network campaigns

Ep 11 – Tom Liacas talks about directed network campaigns, their features and what makes them effective, drawing on the ‘Networked Change’ report he co-wrote last year

How organisations develop activists

Ep 10 – An interview with Hahrie Han, author of How Organizations Develop Activists. Hahrie talks about the mobilising vs organising model that she sets out in the book and also some of her more recent thinking about how organisations maximise their strategic effectiveness in a changing world.