Publications and Resources

Together and with others, Jim and Tess have produced a number of campaigning-related publications, including:







“No Royal Road”

Jim Coe & Rhonda Schlangen, 2019

published by the Center for Evaluation Innovation

Thoughts on navigating the tension between wanting clear answers and the fact that social and political change is typically unpredictable and uncertain.







“The Value Iceberg”

Rhonda Schlangen & Jim Coe, 2014

published by BetterEvaluation

Discussion about the challenges of identifying what’s most important in advocacy and campaigning


Looking Through The Right End Of The Telescope

Advocacy Evaluation: Looking Through the Right End of the Telescope
Jim Coe & Rhonda Schlangen, 2011
published by the Center for Evaluation Innovation

Thoughts on how advocacy evaluation can best help embed and drive effectiveness


Power and Change
Jim Coe & Ruth Mayne, 2010
published by NCVO

“To bring about social change you need to understand power” – a guide to the dynamics of power and change for NGOs


 “Is Your Campaign Making a Difference?
Jim Coe & Ruth Mayne, 2008
published by NCVO

A guide to monitoring and evaluating campaigning and advocacy for NGOs


Tips on Good Practice in Campaigning
Jim Coe & Tess Kingham, 2007
published by NCVO

Summary tips for campaigners


The Good Campaigns Guide

The Good Campaigns Guide
Tess Kingham & Jim Coe, 2005
published by NCVO