The Value Iceberg

Pilot episode: Interview with Rhonda Schlangen, co author (with me) of The Value Iceberg, a discussion piece about how the important elements of advocacy tend to be intangible, under the surface, difficult to see, and how this affects how advocacy is seen and valued. You can read more here. Rhonda’s website is here 


  1. Jonny G @jon_e_g says:

    Thanks Jim and Rhonda, this is really interesting, especially the issue of NGOs failing to value the unforeseen (yet perhaps foreseeable) and less tangible outcomes of advocacy/campaigning. Two wild ideas occur to me:
    (1) It’s a consequence of the way folks like me have learned to manage, nailed to a log frame, everything planned out to make best use of limited resources, not thinking, not resourced, or too afraid to take risks or follow our hearts.
    (2) Campaigning has learned too well from fundraising and it’s become a numbers game. Campaigners spend their time shoveling supporter numbers into a machine, turn a handle and hope for 5% output of premium product. They need to be inspired and empowered to talk to people more, build relationships, inspire others, learn, develop solutions, break down barriers.

    Great that you’re podcasting Jim. Can we have one about successful advocacy? I’ve got two friends who are struggling with the massive challenges they’re campaigning on and they need to know it can be done. Perhaps you could interview Anna Macdonald or someone similar?

    PS And can we have one with Norman in please?

    • Jim says:

      Thanks Jonny agree with your points – and yes was thinking about asking Anna along with Oliver at Amnesty to talk about the Arms Trade Treaty at some point soon (but they don’t know that yet). Hoping to feature a few campaigns here and there as well as ideas about campaigning. Norman regularly appears in my Skype conversations so no doubt he will pop up. Thanks v much for the encouragement.

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