Riding The Waves

Ep 19 – Alice Sachrajda talks about the role of popular culture in catalysing social change

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Riding The Waves

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  1. Mark says:

    Good to hear insightful discussion about culture and change. Interested in subject in relation to a positioning of the sector that often sees itself as the vanguard that is pushing the boundaries of how people perceive issues with an inherent “snobbism” attached to it.

    On the international side the social, humanitarian and political response to decolonisation process in 1950s and 1960s has created a type of sector with a set of attitudes that is less culturally attuned to our moment in history. The sector organisations reflect the cultural specifics from which they come which is not “popular” – religious, humanitarian, age-specific, political and social class. Catching (and creating?) moments like LiveAid, Free Nelson Mandela, and Windrush Generation (and many in between) as popular/acceptable culturally will always be a challenge.

    The narratives that we tell, sometimes connect – keeping them authentic (and connecting) when people come with different cultural values is the challenge. Social media and its algorithms (and indeed consumer capitalism in general) that are designed to accentuate people’s attitudes to culturally (and economically) popular themes make that doubly urgent, arguably more difficult but possibly more rewarding.

    Helping to create the cultural conditions where narratives connect more rather than directly challenging the narratives takes a degree of humility and a shift in attitude from a position of we “know what is right” to understanding how people perceive things and how they are expressed in popular culture.

    Thanks for posting.

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