Not Always Movements

The Advocacy Iceberg

Ep 39 – Sarah Stachowiak, Anne Gienapp and Nikki Kalra from ORS Impact talk about their latest report, looking at the over-use and mis-use of movement language, why this is a problem and what large scale social change strategies it might make more sense to be thinking about Report is here, along with the some stand-alone […]

Working towards reparative justice

The Advocacy Iceberg

Ep 38 – Tatiana Gavarito talks about how reparative justice underpins her activism. This is the crowdfunder for Apoyo Comunitario that we talk about. Tatiana is also involved in creating this funding pool to support individuals and communities working towards racial justice.

Feminist leadership

The Advocacy Iceberg

Lee Webster talks about feminist leadership. We look at ActionAid’s journey towards implementing feminist leadership principles across the global federation – and what it means for culture and behaviours as well as for programmes and campaigns. There’s more about how ActionAid UK is practising feminism and the feminist behaviours framework here

Flatpack Democracy

The Advocacy Iceberg

Ep 36 Peter Macfadyen talks about Independents for Frome and their experience as a collective of independents running the local town council, trying to do local politics differently. We talk about their approach, what they learnt along the way, and how others might build, and are building, on their experiences

The Entangled Activist

The Advocacy Iceberg

Ep 35 – Anthea Lawson from Perspectiva discusses how we should see activism as sitting within what it is trying to change, and how this creates all kinds of entanglements for activists to navigate. We focus on how activists and ‘non-activists’ interact, and what that reveals, and some of the ways it might go better. […]

Social movements in a time of monsters

The Advocacy Iceberg

Ep 34 – Natasha Adams talks about social movements, the different actors involved in them and what kinds of strategies make sense in the current climate of uncertainty. In that context, we talk about how social movements can understand and address hegemonic power. More from Natasha on this and other subjects at

Community organising

The Advocacy Iceberg

Ep 33 – Stephanie Leonard from Act Build Change talks about community organising theory and practice, from Saul Alinsky to Rules for Revolutionaries, via Jane McAlevey and Bob Moses (and some others).

NGOs Reimagined

The Advocacy Iceberg

Ep 32 – Habiba Nabatu talks about the ‘NGOs Reimagined’ initiative, which is calling on international NGOs to tackle the ecological, economic and social crises that we face holistically and in ways that take into account history and power.


The Advocacy Iceberg

Ali Goldsworthy, the founder and CEO of the Depolarization Project, talks about polarisation in society and why and how we might think more about depolarising, and the role that campaigning and communications does and could play. More about the Depolarization Project here Home

No Royal Road

The Advocacy Iceberg

Ep 30 – Rhonda Schlangen talks about a paper we have written together and has just been published: No Royal Road. It explores the tension at the heart of advocacy, and advocacy evaluation, between wanting clear answers and the inherent uncertainties around how social and political change really happens. Recognising this tension, we set out […]

Policy making and the capacity to deliver

The Advocacy Iceberg

Ep 29 – Tom Pollard talks about his recent paper ‘Pathways from Poverty: A case for institutional reform’ based on his experiences of being seconded to the Department for Work and Pensions [DWP]. He asks and answers the question, ‘is the DWP capable of delivering against its goals?’ (Spoiler = no.) We discuss his findings, […]

Passion and purpose

The Advocacy Iceberg

Ep 27 – Jonathan Ellis talks about the importance of passion and purpose in campaigning

Social Power

Ep 26 – Sue Tibballs from the Sheila McKechnie Foundation talks about their recent report, Social Power, which looks at how civil society can be most effective in creating change

Civil Society Futures

Ep 25 – Joe Hall talks about the the findings so far from the Civil Society Futures inquiry – as summarised in their recent report, ‘The Story Of Our Times: Power In Our Hands?’