Our work

We work with a range of organisations seeking to effect change at UK, European and global levels. We have completed over 100 projects as freelancers, since 2001, working with around 50 different organisations, including

  • International NGOs including Oxfam, ActionAid, Cafod, Christian Aid, Amnesty International and Greenpeace
  • advocacy networks, such as the Tax Justice Network, Action for Global Health and the UK Consortium on AIDS and Development
  • national NGOs, such as Which? Shelter and Breakthrough Breast Cancer
  • smaller NGOs leveraging wider impact, such as Bretton Woods Project (for whom we were involved in strategic reviews in both 2003 and 2010), and the European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development
  • funders, including the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, Comic Relief and the HIV Young Leaders Fund
  • organisations providing training in campaigning and advocacy, including NCVO (for whom Tess designed and delivered the Campaigning Certificate course), INTRAC and BOND


Jim recently commissioned an evaluation of his work as a freelance consultant. The independent professional conducting the review gathered (unattributable) feedback from 11 clients from over previous two years. Quoting from the report, key characteristics cited in feedback were – “approachable, honest, clear, timely, prepared, experienced, thorough, contemplative, reflective, listening, very competent”. In particular our work was commended for the “quality of analysis and understanding” we bringincluding on complex projects, quickly”, and for providingconstructive actionable insights”.