Get on the good foot

I was fortunate to be at a roundtable discussion earlier this week at which MPs Stella Creasy and (briefly) Stephen Doughty shared some thoughts about being lobbied and engaged in campaigns, opening up a discussion with a diverse group of campaigners from across the sector. The way it was described, for an MP, being the […]

We have a world to win

Here are two datasets from the British Social Attitudes surveys:    They show very similar trendlines. But reflecting starkly different trends. The blue line shows the strong move since the 1980s towards wider public acceptance of same sex relationships. The red dotted line indicates how attitudes to welfare recipients have – over the same period […]

100,000 flowers bloom

The No More Page 3 petition on is v close to securing 100,000 signatures This is an impressive milestone. After all, that’s the threshold that triggers – or actually not necessarily – parliamentary debate for e-petitions on the directgov site. Numbers of actions aren’t the same as meaningful results, but reaching this target does […]

Capitalism: my part in its downfall

To celebrate the launch of the IF campaign, I got a copy of Nicolas Sireau’s ‘Make Poverty History’ (after several years of being put off by the absurd price). One interesting thing in it is the anatomy of the different reactions to the G8’s post-Gleneagles communique: ‘an insult to … campaigners … a disaster for […]

If only the Luddites had had Twitter

Luddites have gone down in history as a movement that resisted ‘progress’. But what they were actually resisting was a form of mechanisation that brought profit to the capitalists but created unemployment and decimated a way of life for the workers. It was one possible model of progress, one that benefited the few not the […]

Thoughts on campaigning and where the dodo got it wrong

The dodo was pretty much doing fine until the Dutch arrived on Mauritius. Kodak was an iconic brand until floored by disruptive technology. In evolutionary terms, there’s no such thing as a ‘best strategy’, it is context-defined. There’s no law that says organisations at the top of their game stay there; more likely the opposite. […]