How to succeed

Leaving aside various other complications, you might say that you can judge a campaign a success if there is evidence of: A successful outcome A meaningful positive contribution to the outcome by the organisation/group/network whose campaign it is Questions of contribution are important but if you can’t assess whether a campaign has been successful, then […]

The value iceberg

This post sets out some of the arguments from a discussion paper I have co-written with Rhonda Schlangen, recently published by BetterEvaluation. The paper itself, and an associated blog, is available here.   Organisations have to make choices about how best to deploy resources. On the face of it, using Value for Money-type frameworks helps […]

Succeeding by failing

I was at an NPC-hosted debate about campaigning this week where somebody cited No More Page 3 as an example of a successful combined online-and-offline campaign. In response, another panel member pointed out that Page 3 is still there, and so logically the campaign should not be claimed as a success. How long Page 3 […]

Syria & Shelley

A few people in my twitter timeline last night were suggesting that the vote in parliament rejecting military intervention in Syria showed a delayed influence of the march and protests against the launch of the Iraq war ten years ago. It’s not straightforward to see a direct connection, but clearly the shadow of Iraq fell […]

Capitalism: my part in its downfall

To celebrate the launch of the IF campaign, I got a copy of Nicolas Sireau’s ‘Make Poverty History’ (after several years of being put off by the absurd price). One interesting thing in it is the anatomy of the different reactions to the G8’s post-Gleneagles communique: ‘an insult to … campaigners … a disaster for […]

Glories and triumphs shrunk

The ‘results agenda’ – in its various manifestations – continues to gain momentum. ‘Results agenda’ is an umbrella term that means different things in different contexts but I think it’s fair to say there’s a common basic idea. It’s about gathering robust evidence about results and then focusing on ‘what works’. So far, so good […]